Claire Chong

Claire Chong


I'm a Creative Artist & Animation Expert


Being creative takes work

When being creative, it makes you think "out of the box" and it's not easy to think out of the box sometimes, and That's alright. It might be a struggle at first, but I try and try to push myself to think about all of the things That could stick out and be creative and cool for myself and for others who view my artworks. I love art because you can show what your artistic skills can do. I don't believe that there is such a thing as "bad" art, because everyone has their own style and can improve with a lot of effort. Art is just so fun I do it everyday, and sometimes I'm unaware I'm creating a piece of art in my daily life. Meaning, art can really be anything.




Plaza Pacifica Youth Diversity Art Competition

2nd Place Winner


OC Fair Art Contest

Judges' Award Winner | Painting(ages 9-12)


OC Fair Art Contest

Most Creative Winner | Drawing(ages 9-12)
Judges' Award Winner | Painting(ages 9-12)
Best of Class Winner | Rock Art Critters(ages 11-12)


Joong-Ang Ilbo Student Art Contest

M&L Hong Foundation Award
2nd Place Winner(3rd-5th Grade)


Juicy Juice Happy Artist Contest

Grand Prize Winner


Celebrating Art

High Merit Winner



Honorable Mention


Celebrate Success Art Contest(F3 Student Awards Program)

1st Place


Global Canvas 2019 art competition(Group project)

10 highly commended certificates


34th Annual Imagination Celebration

Outstanding Artwork and Creativity Winner


29th Annual John Wayne Airport Student Art Contest

First Place Winner(Grade3)


Skills I have collected
over the years and days.







Creative Thinking



Selected Work

Illustration | Happy Art

Illustration | Marker

Juicy Juice Happy Artist Contest
Grand Prize Winner

The details about my drawing are all from my mind. My mind always made me happy, so I tried to express them with my drawings. The drawing shows fruits, the ocean, art supplies, and more. All of those objects are the things that make me 100% happy! That's why I decided to make my happiness into drawings.

Illustration | The Boy’s Point of View

Illustration | Color Pencil

2021 OC Fair Art Contest
Most Creative Winner

This artwork shows a boy and his homeroom teacher. The teacher has a test paper that was marked as an F. The boy feels ashamed and feels despair for his non-hard work on the test. Instead of studying, he decided to slack off when the test was going to be tomorrow. He hesitates after the test seeing what he got on the test score, he feels like his mother would be really disappointed in him. He never worked hard. This story is something that relates to me, I procrastinated and slacked off myself, I had a big problem with studying. My mom always scolded me for slacking-off and not doing anything. She told me I should stop using my valuable time on useless things.

Illustration | Youth Diversity Art Competition

Illustration | Marker

The artwork that I have created features different cultural foods and people with different ethnicities and races while also adding the Orange County historical landmark, the Santa Ana water tower. There are also minor details in the background including, a lighthouse, some palm trees, a surfboard, and a sun with some cool sunglasses, showing that Orange County is a tropical area, most of the time being really sunny. I also inserted some different cultural foods and Orange County agriculture onto the artwork. If you also look closely, there is a large orange circle which can be a sun, but is actually an orange symbolizing the hot air balloon from the Great Park.

Illustration | My Best Friend

Illustration | Color pencil and Water color

This image shows a Lion, who is hugging the man. The man is the lion’s best friend which made them hug. I saw this image and decided to draw it because the way that the lion hugs the man is like the lion was an infant. It was one of the most heartwarming videos I've ever seen. This also made me remember when I hung out with my dad when I didn’t go to school and still was a toddler. These two things resemble in my opinion because the bonding between the lion’s made me think about the relationship with not just my dad, but sometimes my mom.

Digital Illustration | Yearbook Cover

Digital Illustration | Pencil and Photoshop

This art I submit my school yearbook cover competition, My concept was the getting together which makes us happy.

Collage | Act Now

Collage | Recycled materials

Joong-Ang Ilbo Student Art Contest
2nd Place Winner(3rd-5th Grade)

As a citizen of the Earth who has been fortunate to receive numerous vital benefits from nature, I am dedicated to "plogging" with the aim of making the smallest possible impact on the environment. I plan to continue this practice indefinitely, for as long as I remain on this planet. It is the responsibility of all Earth citizens to take even the smallest actions to show gratitude and care for our natural world.

Vans Custom Shoes Design

Vans Custom Shoes Design | Marker

I made these shoes with no context which makes it harder to explain but, I can tell you why I thought of making it. When I am bored, my mind is filled with weird-ish wacky images that I can’t explain. This art style I do is with my mind and imagination. Without the power of creativity, I wouldn’t be able to make something creative, or something original.

Character Design | Cortana

Character Design | Pencil

Cortana is the main character that I use to make scenery and fun things with her. She lives in the clouds. Not heaven, but it’s a similar place that is filled with people who have been forgotten or have been mistreated. In the world she lives in, the ages are way bigger than the overworld age. She is currently 11,000 years old. As I said, the age in the world she lives in is different from the world we live in. This may not be heaven in the world she exists in, but she is still alive. She can go to the overworld if she wanted to. She has a human form when she goes to the human world. She was abandoned in the playground. We don’t know how Cortana got abandoned in the playground for no specific reason. She got introduced into the world by a black man, and when I mean black I mean a hallucinative shadow man. You can’t see it unless you’re a kid. Long story short, she’s 11 years old in the overworld.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait | Pencil

My self portrait has a face that I don’t really use unless I get annoyed with my mom and dad for what I've done. I’ve done many things that would make my parents feel crazy. When I get scolded, my mom and dad say things that I never wanted. I already knew this was my fault but then later on I forgive myself and apologize to my parents later when I feel like it. In my opinion, I still am a very disrespectful person sometimes. I am changing through my mistakes. This face was fun to draw because of the shading, the line art, and the basic shapes.

Still life Drawing

Still life Drawing | Pencil

Still life Painting

Still life Painting | Water Color and Color Pencil

Self Portrait Painting

Self Portrait Painting | Acrylic



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